Welcome to my blog site. I am an Innovative, Motivated, and Results-Oriented Software developer.

Firstly, I got an Resume publicly available.

About myself:

Here is what I used to look like in 2010,


Here is the 5 year review,

I am a Software Engineer currently living in Sydney area.

Here is a brief version of Biography.

My skill set includes:

  • AWS
    • EC2/S3
    • ELB/ALB
    • CloudFront
    • CloudFormation
    • Beanstalk
  • Python – Django/Flask
  • React – Redux/Saga
  • PHP – Most popular frameworks (Laravel, Yii, Zend)
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Mongo/NoSQL
  • Javascript vanilla
  • Material Design
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • git
  • SEO
  • Perl
  • C++

With a vast range of interests in computer engineering development, I am seasoned code in the field of Web development covering frontend complex SPA build, following to backend API design all the way till database optimization. I am always trying to keep learning about cut-edge technology and always excited about any opportunities/challenges coming with it.

I can be reached by below means,

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